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Welcome to the EMDR Intensive Experience

We're excited to offer Intensive sessions, a new method of treatment with exciting results.

What's an Intensive?

The traditional model of weekly psychotherapy is shifting to meet your needs. Now more than ever, we need flexibility in how we get support. EMDR intensives are personalized treatment plans that allow you to skip the waitlist by giving you faster access to select spots and are designed to support your preferred schedule and timeline for your treatment goals.

Intensives offer longer sessions to get more work done. Traditional weekly sessions require time to get started with reprocessing work and about ten to fifteen minutes to end the session each time you come in. With longer sessions, we're putting you in the healing mindset and covering more ground without needing to stop and start treatment.

Am I a Good Candidate for Intensives?

Have you been meaning to get into weekly therapy for a while now, but your schedule has been so hectic and demanding that a weekly therapy appointment feels more overwhelming than supportive?

Are you experiencing symptoms or need help with something that's heavily affecting you right now, and you don't want to spend months in traditional therapy sessions in order to feel better?

Perhaps you’ve had a sense that something profound has yet to change, but you’re not quite sure how to shift all the way into a new experience of yourself with your current therapist, or your current therapist isn't trained in EMDR therapy.

The EMDR Intensive Experience can offer you a quicker reduction of symptoms and a more specialized treatment.

Want to Learn More about the EMDR Intensive Experience?

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